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Michigan Premier Lighting Specialist

Lighting Maintenance Services for your Commercial, Industrial and Residential lighting needs

  • Installation and Maintenance of Pole Lights
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Parking Garage Lighting
  • Lens Replacement
  • Light pole repair (up to 43' heights)
  • Inspection & replacement of lamps
  • Ballast replacement & repair
  • Fixture/Lens replacement & repair
  • 24/7 Emergency electrical service
  • Building and Security Lighting
  • All Exterior Building Lights and Ballast
  • Light Meters, Light Timers and Photocells
  • Scheduled Inspection and Maintenance Programs
  • Trenching and Underground Wiring Installation
  • Bucket Truck Lifts
  • Sign Repair and Maintenance

Lighting Savings


Replacing outdated 40- and 34-watt T-12 fluorescent lamps with more energy efficient T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts can bring substantial savings; in some cases up to 50% of total lighting cost.

A typical office setting consisting of 2' by 4' fluorescent fixtures with standard magnetic ballasts and standard T-12 lamps, upgraded to 4 lamp fixture electronic ballasts and new T-8 lamps, potentially saves $33.00 per fixture annually in energy alone. In addition, this new ballast comes with a one-year warranty and virtually no maintenance costs.

Standard metal halide lighting, most commonly used in high-ceiling accommodations, is being revolutionized by new Pulse-Start Metal Halide technology. Pulse-start systems have the highest maintained lumens in the industry and faster warm-up and restart times. This upgrade will save significant energy and provide brighter, better lighting for your workplace.

An existing high-ceiling lighting system consisting of a 400-watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp can be upgraded to a 350-watt Pulse-Start Metal Halide Lamp and conserve energy by 89 watts for a potential annual saving of $57.85 per fixture.

Benefits & Lighting Incentives

Large businesses with diverse lighting needs may be able to reduce their lighting use by more than 50 percent with a Consumers Energy and State of Michigan lighting incentives and Rebates.

Remember to occasionally view both Michigan’s and Consumers Energy’s Incentive Policies for renewable and efficiency rebates and benefit dollars.

Consumers Energy Incentives
Michigan's Incentives

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